After Sales Services

Assistance service for extrusion line

Even after the extrusion line installation is completed Turla remain at our customers' disposal, always ready to help. Being the sole supplier of a complete extrusion line Turla provide 24 hour monitoring. This is via PLC/PC of the whole production process at the customer’s site, and Turla is always ready to assist if needed.

Aftersales support

Although our machines are designed in such a way that a minimum amount of maintenance is needed, even the best equipment requires periodical checks. Our PLC software is written to be user-friendly so that a normally trained PLC operator can access the logic behind the program. Naturally, we are always at our customer’s disposal and ready to help if needed.
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Spare parts

We provide original spare parts for equipment as far back as the 1980’s. Our spare parts service does its best to make sure you receive your parts in time for your needs.
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Every complete line Turla manufactures is supplied with an ADAM demo version. This allows the Turla support team to monitor the effectiveness of the line remotely. We are able to check:
  • Machine reliability
  • Alarm list & diagnostics
  • Machine cycles
  • Possible components faults
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