Our mission

Production of Aluminium Extrusion Machines

Turla’s mission is to provide you, whereever you are in the world, with top quality equipment and service. Thanks to Turla’s qualified employees, total quality control of the manufacturing process, efficient customer support, and contstant product innovations, we have been doing this for over 50 years. Our flexibility and high quality service is well renowned amoung our customers.

Reliability, Innovation, Continuous Evolution

Turla was founded in 1967 in Brescia, 80 Km East of Milan, in Lombardy, Northern Italy. For over 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing complete aluminium extrusion systems, from the billet heater, throughout the press, to the ageing oven.

Across the late 80's and early 90's Turla became the major supplier to Hydro Aluminium for handling systems (53 Turla systems). We have also cooperated on new solutions with other worldwide aluminum extrusion companies, such as Constellium, Grupa Kęty, SAPA, TALEX, and many others.

Aluminium Extrusion Equipment and Service
Turla factory

High quality machinery,
100% made in Turla’s factory

All of our systems are 100% made in Turla’s factory. This means two things, we keep an eye on each phase of the production, ensuring the best quality. Plus the whole line gets entirely pre-installed, and machines such as presses and log heaters are totally dry cycle tested.

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Turla technical support for customers

Personalized service and support

Our customers want to be sure their Turla extrusion line never stops. Even in the very rare case of a technical issue, we are ready to assist. That’s why Turla pay so much attention on our customers’ technical support.

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press and handling system

A single partner for press
and extrusion line

The project of a complete line is a complex one and having a single partner to talk with who takes care of press and handling system is a great thing. Our present skill and experience is your guarantee for high productivity and lowest downtime.

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