Press and handling gear

Richard Bott - Project Engineer

The new Turla press and handling gear has been operating for over a year now, and I have to say I am very satisfied and it is a pleasure to watch it in operation.

As you are aware Nalco (now Altus) was a single press operation with a 40 year old manual 7”press and line, so it was our plan to replace this with more modern 8” equipment. I can remember discussions with Turla commenced over 5 years ago working through the initial concept phase and feasibility study for the project – from re-furbishing a “second hand” press and line with new Turla hydraulics and electronics, to a Turla handling system working alongside a competitors press, and finally through to our current configuration of a fully integrated Turla line. It was a long and very deliberate (some would perhaps say arduous) decision process. This was needed as we operate in a small and diverse market and required the flexibility of the line to meet this, whilst also working within a limited budget and operating space, so we challenged every aspect of the decision process with you and your team.
Turla were totally immersed in the project from the beginning and with us all the way and I was extremely appreciative of the professionalism and passion of your people – the many questions we asked and changes we made would no doubt be somewhat frustrating, but you and your entire team always responded positively and timely with revised recommendations, solutions, and costing’s and we relied heavily on Turlas wealth of knowledge and experience.

There was never any doubt that we were very comfortable with the quality and capability of the Turla handling gear. By visiting installations in Australia and Europe with yourself – we eventually made the decision to go with the Turla press as well, once again after many questions and very careful evaluation. This was to be Turlas first 8” press and I admit we were a little hesitant at first, but we could see it was clearly technically very advanced with great features and was strongly designed. To add to this we were totally convinced that the “one stop shop” for the entire line would work the best for us to minimise any issues with integration and having Turla as the supplier was a great decision.

Overall, it was a challenging process to go through for us, but I can honestly say that I am extremely proud of the outcome, and due to the dedication and commitment everyone put in would change very little. It was truly a team effort, but special thanks must go to you, Alessandro, Ivan, Luca, Giovanni and the installation team for what has been achieved.

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