Cutting system of hot saw sawing

Manuel Ponce Mocholí - Manager

Through the present we have the pleasure to greet you cordially and communicate with your distinguished person.
On this occasion we wish to express our deepest gratitude as a supplier of machinery of the company ALUVAL S.L. For the installation of the system sawing of hot saw of billets in our facilities of Alaquas (Valencia). The installation of the cutting system of hot saw sawing in our extrusion press 1800 Tm has been done correctly and within the period established in the contract signed by both parties. We appreciate the professionalism of all the workers involved in this work and you for being at our disposal in the event of any eventuality.
ALUVAL is a company committed to the national industry and the safety of its workers. With the installation of this new system saw of hot saw of billets we fulfill one of the most important norms of industrial security and at the same time we take a step forward in the search of the quality that our clients demand us and they push us towards our objective in being One of the best companies in the country. We say goodbye until a next opportunity, sure to be soon, thanking you for the excellent service.

Sincerely Manuel Ponce Mocholí - Manager

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