2AX model basket (de)stackers

2AX model basket (de)stackers

This machine is engineered and developed to stack or de-stack baskets one on top of the other.


2AX class baskets stacker can be coped with any of the OTS family machines so to keep a F.I.F.O. (First In First Out) production order throught the whole processing.


The principle of 2AX class baskets stacker is the same as an auomtatic bridge crane fully controlled by a dedicated PLC with its own tasks, jobs and priority assigned by the production planning. The 2AX name means “2-axis”. This is meant to express the feature of this machine which works along 2 axis, vertical and horizontal. The same machine is engineered to stack or de-stack empty or full baskets. There are two groups of this machine with sub-variations according to the specific design of a given basket of profiles. The 2AX series basket stackers are usually engineered and installed to load and unload tunnel type ageing ovens.