Quench mod. QA

Quench mod. QA

The Quench mod. QA consists of two parts:

  • The Hood;
  • The Lower part.The function of this Turla machine is to decrease the profile temperature through direct air blow on the aluminium profile being extruded


Settings are created for each profile to optimize cooling and maximize extrusion speed.


High performance air-cooling of the profiles. In the quench structure there are 3 upper air ducts powered by a single large air blowing station that feeds the three air nozzles located at the top, right and left of the profile. Through a PLC and frequency inverters it is possible to regulate the overall air flow from 0 to 100%, so that air delivery can be varied according to the shape, mass and symmetricity of the profile. Built-in flaps will adjust the air flow from each of the three top air ducts (top, right and left). A dedicated air blowing station will provide the air inlet to the bottom part only.