Puller model “SP-TV” (Single Puller Flying Cut)

Puller model “SP-TV” (Single Puller Flying Cut)

This very nicely designed puller runs very smoothly pulling the profile with an adequate force applied on the profile on its entire length


Its rails set on the floor with a dense supports pitch, together with fully machined track, make sure the pulle runs indibly smooth and free of any vibrations. The profile therefore will be not affected of virbrations but it will be perfect. It guided the profile and works in tandem with a Turla flying hot profile saw.


The puller clamp device is engineered by Turla to secure best possible hold over extrusions at all time thanks to a multi-finger “self-locking” type where fingers move independently to adapt to the profiles.The operator sets the pulling force on the main control panel. At the end of the extrusion, after the hot profiles are cut, the puller eventually positions the profile in line with the stretcher head, releases the profile and then clears away in order to get clear of the profile, then the puller returns either to the profiles cutting position or to the press because a new die has been loaded in the press and production of a new profile is to be run.

Working Cycle general description

  • 1The single puller (SP-TV) starts the extrusion.
  • 2The single puller SP-TV, stops when the press stops and then starts pulling again when the press starts extruding again.
  • 3 In the meantime the puller-saw HSM-TV goes to the flying cut zone and waits for the weld mark to appear.
  • 4 Once the weld mark appears, the puller-saw HSM-TV with clamp locks onto the profile, cuts and the puller SP-TV clears the extruded profile lining it up to the stretcher headstock.
  • 5 The puller-saw HSM-TV with clamp keeps pulling the extrusion until the puller comes back (after positioning the previous profile).
  • 6 The single puller (SP-TV) starts the extrusion.
  • 7 The puller SP-TV synchronizes its speed with the puller-saw HSM-TV with clamp, grips the profile and continues the extrusion, then the puller-saw HSM-TV with clamp releases the profile and returns to the beginning of the flying cut zone
  • 8 Back to point nr 1.