Puller model “DPC” (double puller)

Puller model “DPC” (double puller)

It gently pulls the profile with an digitally adjustable pull force from the extrusion start to the end. Both pullers are balanced so that no more than 2% pull force difference is granted to prevent profiles scrap.


it guides the profiles gently but firmly on their entire extrusion length making sure they do no fall off to the side or derail on the cooling table. It is designed to be side-offset in order to install any overhead air cooling and get it as close as possible to the profiles. This unit puller applies a small pull force to slightly compensate different multi cavity extrusion lengths. It also lines up the profiles with on of the stretcher heads.


The puller clamp device is engineered to secure best possible hold over extrusions at all time thanks to a multi-finger “self-locking” type where fingers move independently to adapt to the profiles.The operator sets the pulling force on the main control panel. At the end of the extrusion, after the hot profiles are cut, the puller eventually positions the profile in line with the stretcher head, releases the profile and then clears away in order to get clear of the profile, then the puller returns either to the profiles cutting position or to the press because a new die has been loaded in the press and production of a new profile is to be run.

Working Cycle general description Feature:

  • Puller #1 starts pulling the extrusion.
  • Press finishes extruding, stops and loads a new billet.
  • Puller #1 stops when the press stops and then starts pulling again whenever the press starts extruding.
  • During the dead cycle time of the press (DCT) the saw or shear cuts the profile
  • As soon as saw or shear accomplished the cut, puller #1 clears away the profile and place it in line with stretcher head
  • Puller #2 swings in and takes the just cut head of the profile and start pulling in synchronous with the press
  • Puller #1, after having freed its jaws from profile returns to the saw or shear or to the press platen