Hot profiles saw mod. HSM-TV

Hot profiles saw mod. HSM-TV

To cut profiles on the fly during extrusion.


This unit runs incredibly smooth and is engineered to prevent any vibrations hand-off generated scrap. Thanks to its very develped design, it works as a puller and as a hot saw in a "tandem way" with either a Turla flying cut single puller or with a Turla flying cut double puller.


This flying cut device is a saw unit which is working with the puller. The flying saw will travel along the lead out table on the opposite side of the operator, will couple with the profile and will cut during the extrusion process.The clamps of the mobile saw will keep pulling the new profile acting as puller until the other puller is ready to catch this profile. Once released, the puller saw will travel back and will be ready for the next cycle. The synchronization system control between the puller and the saw is achieved through a hardware loop. The saw will be equipped with its own chip collector device in order to avoid chips spreading around the flying cut zone. The chip collector will be located on board the hot saw, its collecting point will then travel with the saw. The aspiration system will be specially engineered for maximum possible efficiency.