Profile Stacker mod. ‘LIFO’ (Last In First Out)

Profile Stacker mod. ‘LIFO’ (Last In First Out)

To stack the profile batches in the basket (a.k.a. rack, skip, stillage) in such an order that the first stacked batch will also be the last in the basket after treatment (LIFO).


The frame is engineered by Turla to be strong and robust


The machine consists of: Main support structure . The structure that supports the stacker is made of four uprights sitting on the floor. Two runways will be located on the upper part to let the (B) carriage run horizontally. Upper Horizontal Stroke carriage . This unit is made of a beam and two heads on which specifically-engineered wheels are mounted. The wheels are made of a self-lubricating high resistance material that prevents the wearing of the guides. The horizontal stroke of this unit is controlled by the PLC so that the utmost accuracy is guaranteed. Movement of the carriage is achieved electrically. Vertical Stroke Gripper carriage . This unit is electrically driven by a motor and vertically guided to obtain accurate alignment with the basket. Each stacker undergoes (as required by our internal ISO9001 standards) a strict engineering process to ensure a reliable functional unit. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are controlled via PLC to guarantee smooth operation of the unit. The grippers assembled on this unit attach to each spacer and lift the layer of profiles. Spacer container infeed/outfeed . A manual conveyor will permit the loading and the unloading of the spacer container to and from the spacer feeding position. The spacers boxes are to be loaded by means of a fork lift or a bridge crane onto a carriage to which four roller bearing wheels are attached. The carriage has to be manually located under the (E) spacers magnets carriage. Spacer Magnet carriage. The funciotn of this device is to pick up a layer of steel (magnetic) sleeve covered spacers and lay them down on the spacer distribution device. The horizontal carriage wheels are made of a self-lubricating high resitance material that prevents the wearing of the guides. The vertical carriage which incorporates the magnets is located within the horizontal carriage. Spacer distribution device . A carousel will be installed at the beginning of the belt to distribute the spacers brought in by the spacer magnet carriage. A toothed belt will position the spacers to the correct position under the profile pick-up position