Profile stacker mod.

Profile stacker mod.

To deposit the aluminium profile batches in the basket (a.k.a. rack, skip, stillage) so that the first stacked batch will also be the first one to be destacker after ageing treatment (FIFO). This is a very useful machine to very small order sizes driven exrusion plants.


The frame is well engineered to minimize any deflection.


The machine consists of: Main support structure . The structure that supports the stacker is made of four uprights sitting on the floor. Two runways will be located on the upper part to let the (B) carriage run horizontally. Upper horizontal stroke carriage with Upper Assembly Basket .This unit is made of a beam and two heads on which specifically-engineered wheels are mounted. The wheels are made of a self-lubricating high resitance material that prevents the wearing of the guides. The horizontal stroke of this unit is controlled by the PLC so that the utmost accuracy is guaranteed. Movement of the carriage is achieved electrically. On this unit a counter rack that permits the stacking of different layers of profiles is provided. The counter rack moves longitudinally in order to receive the profiles and the related spacers and subsequently to pass these profiles to the evacuation basket at the end of the process. The longitudinal movement allows the performance of the comb-type-stacking. Profile lifters . These platforms, installed under the evacuation belts, raise the spacers and the profiles into the counter basket. Spacer container infeed/outfeed conveyor . A manual conveyor will permit the loading and the unloading of the spacer container to and from the spacer feeding position. The spacer boxes are to be loaded by means of a fork lift or a bridge crane onto a four-wheeled ball-bearings equipped carriage that has to be manually located under the spacer magnet carriage (E). Spacer Magnet carriage .The funciotn of this device is to pick up a layer of steel (magnetic) sleeve covered spacers and lay them down to the spacer distribution system (F). The wheels are made of a self-lubricating high resitance material that prevents the wearing of the guides. Another carriage, to accomplish the vertical movement of the magnets is mounted on the first one. The magnets are installed on this second carriage in order to grip the spacers. This carriage will move vertically by means of pneumatic cylinder/s. Spacer distribution device .A carousel will be installed at the entrance of the belt to deliver the spacers to the distribution device beneath the profile batch pick up table. The spacers are positioned under the pick up table at the same pitch of the supports in the basket. Lifting platform for basket This platform lifts the basket into the upper assembly basket where the longitudinal movement of the upper assembly basket transfers the entire charge of profiles to the basket itself.