Gauge stop carriage

Gauge stop carriage

To stop the profile at the set length so as to allow the finishing cut


This cycle was invented by Turla so to make sure that all profiles touch the plate of the gauge carriage and are all at the correct length.


The gauge head is welded, stress relieved, completely machined and finally assembled at Turla house.The movement of the gauge stop carriage is controlled by the finishing saw operator who decides the length measurement of the cut. The stop carriage moves to the given position by means of electrical motor controlled through ramp devices. The stop carriage works in synchronization with the finishing saw cycle. In order to assure the carriage stays in position, specifically-engineered pneumatic devices ensure that this happens. The gauge stop carriage runs along on high precision wheels in order to guarantee the best possible performance.As the extrusions approach the gauge stop carriage, it moves forward to ensure that all the profiles are resting against it.