Additional overhead finishing saw

Additional overhead finishing saw

To cut the profile batches to double length in conjunction with a stationary pre-existing or new TURLA finishing saw. The length is measured by the gauge stop carriage.


The frame of the saw is constructed using a sturdy steel fabrication, which is fully stress relieved after welding.


This saw has been engineered by Turla in the finest detail with the utmost precision.During the cut phase the blade lowers below the lower face of the profile. The blade cycle has a down, across, up and back motion. It lowers always at the same level to cut the profile, cuts through the extrusions, raises at the end of the stroke then returns above the extrusions. The blade cutting velocity is set by the operator directly on the panel view of the control panel. This provides a smooth and an accurately controlled cut stroke. The clamps distribute the pressure over a wider area and prevent swarf from spilling out. The chip collection can be made through channels located under the gauge table (that will have to be manufactured purposely for this scope).