New extrusion press

New extrusion press

Production of aluminium profiles, based on direct extrusion press front loading.


Much less stress from the hydraulic point of view thanks to eco + logic 2.0:

  • Less frequent unexpected break downs;
  • Less extraordinary maintenance;
  • The front platen of the press is totally flat and no bolts;
  • Less energy consumption;
  • Less pumps and components;
  • More silent;
  • No foundation and shorter start up time.


Turla aluminium extrusion presses are personalized in design, dimensions and performances, according to client's needs and are characterized by very innovative hydraulic systems, totally engineered in cooperation with main hydraulics experts. All Turla products are engineerd to guarantee much less stress from the hydraulic point of view. Less stress means also less extraordinary maintenance due to less frequent unexpected break-downs. In order to meet this target the main cylinder diameter, as well as the side cylinders, are larger than the average. Also the amount of main and auxiliary pumps is greater, in order to ensure the pumps never exceed 65% of their maximum power during normal extrusion. This dramatically minimises the stress on the pumps. It is worthwhile to mention that any movement on the press can be operated by any of the pumps, so that hydraulic power can be directed wherever necessary. This provides full operating flexibility and minimises downtime in case of emergency. All main pipes were bent rather than welded in order to minimise critical joints which could require maintenance with passing of time. Pumps can be installed on the floor or on top of the press.

From mechanical point of view, Turla new aluminium extrusion presses are developed according to engineering calculations carried out using FEM software. They consist of forged parts as: main platen, back side platen, main cylinder, tie rods, stem, billet container. All forged parts undergo ultrasound tests before and after machining. The main cylinder is usually made (depending on the size of the press) of a single piece of forged steel with no welded parts. The pre-fill valve is Rexroth®. The container and side cylinders are locked in the back side of the back platen. The press frame gets pre-stressed in Turla company and the press is delivered to the customer in this status with no need to carry out this operation at customer’s site. The press configuration is front loading (billets are loaded between the die and the billet container). The press is equipped with a hydraulic die locking system to prevent any movement of the die. The front main platen of the press is totally flat and there are no pipes, no mechanical device which requires intervention, inspection, maintenance etc. Any water or air quench can be located nearest to the press face without any space or temperature loss thus maximising cooling down ramp efficiency 500-250°C. The press mouth dimensions are engineered to be as wide as possible in order to not be a limiting factor to extrusion width. As for engineering and manufacture, in order to dramatically minimise possible downtime, all of the most relevant movements are equipped with double encoder and double switches. The aim is to make sure that - due to an encoder failure - mechanical damage does not occur. Another relevant feature is that each main pump motor is equipped with a dedicated soft start to minimise stress on the pumps when they are turned on at the beginning of production. In addition to this all pump motors (main pumps and auxiliaries) are provided with a double contactor to raise the safety class of the machine. All electrical cabinets are provided with air conditioning in order to make sure (independently of the final site country) the electronics devices always work at the optimal temperature. Wiring on board the press is made in such a way that in hot areas (e.g. to detect presence of billet) use of optical fibers is made to prevent break downs with conventional sensors. All sensors are “plug-in” type to allow quick replacement. Also the sensors and cables are wired in such a way to be easily accessible and of clean design to spare time during unwiring and re-wiring operations.

  • All components are of top brands and market available;
  • Up to 25MN in size the prefill valve is Rexroth;
  • Driven external pressure logic elements: that guarantees process reliability, and faster elements response;
  • Water cooled motors + servo drive technology;
  • DCT 11.7 with burp (25 MN);
  • DCT 9.4 without burp (25 MN);
  • More than 65% reduction in energy costs;
  • Most critical parts are forged: front platen, tie rods, main cylinder, mobile cross head;
  • Turla press front platen is 100 to 250 mm thicker than the competition;
  • Square cycle butt shear, no blade return and scratching;
  • Very high positioning accuracy: high speed axis control, inward movement in 0,94 s, works with billet less than 250 mm / 11”;
  • Press is shipped to the customer prestressed and pretested.