The Pinze system

The Pinze system

Automatical stretcher regardless of the shape of the profile to be extruded.


This is the real no man stretcher unique in the World that can work 24/24 hours feeding the stretcher automatically regardless of the shape of the profile to be extruded.It has been proven to be extremely beneficial for production as well as great saving in labour costs.


This system was invented by Turla in 1992 and since then improved year after year. It has been installed on press sizes from 16MN to 35MN in Europe and Australia.The only limiting factor is to ensure the physical cooling down of profiles. If the profiles can be cooled down enough to enable stretch operation, the Pinze System guarantees a 24/24 hours of operator-free stretch production regardless of extruded profile shape. There are several benefits from the use of this handling system. The graph shows the most typical and frequent production problems which extruders meet. The Pinze System is the solution to all of them. .

How does it work : The principle of the machine is “Mechanically to hold the profile from the die to the end of stretching”. To achieve this full control, a ‘Minipuller” works in tandem with each one of the two units of the double puller “DPC” model. The Minipuller is a “tail puller” which grabs the tail of the extrusion before the hot saw or shear cuts the profile. The Minipuller is holding the tail end of the extruded profile and a puller is holding the head end (model Turla DPC only). They both move in tandem to position with the first pair of Pinze. The first pair of Pinze System enters and takes over the profile ends from the Minipuller and the puller. The system is engineered in such a way that every extrusion is carried over the cooling table by a “pair of hands”, namely, Pinze Pairs, till the last pair of Pinze delivers the profile right into the stretcher mouth. During movement by the Pinze to the stretcher profiles can move freely during cooling contraction