Submarine banana stretcher

Submarine banana stretcher

The aim of this device is to hold the extrusion for one extrusion cycle after profile has been discharged from the runout table.


Faster profile cooling can be achieved than if the profiles were left sitting free on the cooling belts


When difficult profiles are extruded which tend to bow due to non symmetric shape, despite very good air cooling, this machine is a big help in keeping the profiles straight during their most critical cooling down phase.The Banana Stretcher head and Banana Stretcher tailstock hold the extrusion while an above table air cooling system cools the profile. As both ends of the extrusions are firmly held the Banana Stretcher acts like a pre-stretcher whilst the profiles are contracting during cooling

The principle of this machine is very similar to the one of the stretcher. The length of the extrusion being extruded is automatically passed to the Banana Stretcher head and tailstock and they adjust themselves to the extrusion length. The profiles move freely from the runout table to the Banana Stretcher.