Aluminium extrusion tilted table log loading system

Aluminium extrusion tilted table log loading system

Log storage and feeding for pushing zone.


This system has a very strong and robust welded steel structure, which is slightly tilted, so as to allow the logs to naturally roll onto the log heating, feeding roller system.


The loading system consists of a table for log storage, suitable to correct feeding of pushing zone, and a pushing zone, comprises a mecanical pusher. Table for log storage: On the end of the logs storage ramp there will be a mechanical lever system, powered by cylinders, which will allow the logs to be laid down on the pusher, one a time. Pushing zone (Pusher): The system is entirely controlled via software in order to provide the best possible ramp up and down features as well as smoothness of operation in order to prevent shocks and to thus guarantee a longer lifetime of the system.