Aluminium extrusion log vertical storage loading system

Aluminium extrusion log vertical storage loading system

Vertical log loading system for multiple log piles.


This Turla engineered system consists of strong, robust steel welded profiles, which is suitable to host several piles of logs.


The loading system consists of vertical racks, for multiple log pile, and a log manipulator. Vertical racks for multiple log piles: Different slots can house different alloys as well as different suppliers production (cast-houses). Table for log storage: This machine works on a 2 axis, namely vertical and horizontal. All the most critical operations that, if not secured could cause a break down or a fault or so, are redundant or double secured via double limit switch, double encoder etc. The clamp itself is of self-locking type so that, once locked, the log cannot fall off the clamp in case of electric failure or blackout. The top position of the log (when travelling at max speed along the main axis) is secured mechanically so that the log cannot fall from its clamps due to electrical failure.