Aluminium extrusion log hot shear

Aluminium extrusion log hot shear

The purpose of the log hot shear is to cut hot logs into billets.


The vertical shear is 100% better than the horizontal shear thanks to the fact that the force generated during shearing cycle is equally distributed on the side guides.


The shear is designed in order to cut the billet with a vertical movement. The length of the billet is set electronically by the operator and shown on a digital display. The cutting force of the billet is provided by a main pump, which is paired to a motor. As far as the auxiliary services are concerned a smaller auxiliary pump and motor are used. The main cut cylinder is located on the top of the shear and works in vertical way. In a horizontal shear the bottom sliding guide is stressed due to the weight of the machine. In addition other side forces are generated during the cut cycle. This brings a shorter duration in time of a horizontal shearing machine versus a vertical one.