Aluminium extrusion log hot saw

Aluminium extrusion log hot saw

The purpose of the hot log saw is to cut logs down to billets according to the preset cut length.


A Turla hot log saw gives the advantage of a flat-to-flat coupling surface when a billet is to meet the next in the press container. This prevents formation of air bubbles trapped between two consequential billets.


 The saw works with an electrical motor and its pivoting (cutting) stroke is hydraulic. The cut feed is controlled and programmable. Automatic blade wear sensors are provided. The cut length is measured through a laser beam which points toward the advancing logs. The log is firmly clamped very close to the cut point so to keep the billet steady whilst cutting. The blade is lubricated with a mist-model device so to minimize use of lubricant. A double cut cycle can be used which will allow the operator to cut the head end of the incoming log to a length that when combined with a short tail end of the exiting log the combined pieces will be the correct required billet length.