Aluminium extrusion log gas heated furnace STeP5

Aluminium extrusion log gas heated furnace STeP5

Turla Log gas furnace STeP5 heats the log by natural gas combustion with direct flame.


  • Extremely low gas consumption (the lowest on the market);
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Thanks to its thermal optimal insulation the furnace is extrimely silent;


Turla STeP5 is the most efficient and energy saving log heater on the aluminium extrusion market. The furnace itself is of the tunnel type whereby the logs are moved along by being pushed from the back, advancing on idle rollers. The type of heating fuel is natural gas combustion with direct flame. The direct heating area is divided into self controlled and independent zones. There is also a possibility to run ECONOMY or PRODUCTION mode. Operators can read present zone consumption at any time, as well as total gas consumption per ton in real time. Turla offers extended rollers lifetime and guarantees 5 years of functioning.

Log heater running mode Energy saving MODE: the operator or press chief can decide to set an upper limit to the oven consumption. The oven will automatically run at a given rate but will never exceed the consumption limit set by the operator. A warning signal will inform the operator that the required production cannot be reach if, before that, the maximum consumption limit is reached before. The operator can also see in REAL TIME the gas consumption PER EACH ZONE of the oven and, in full environmental responsibility, he can chose to give more or less power to each zone, therefore effecting and influencing the behavior and consumption of the oven in each condition he would like this to happen; Full production MODE: This machine is engineered to deliver the maximum throughput the customer purchased the furnace for. The consumption, compared to other furnaces on the market remains incredibly lower but, the system, in this mode, will take care of delivering just the required amount of tons per hour.

Total yearly costs saving with Turla log furnace STeP5:

Minus yearly TONS of CO2 in the air:

Equal to: