Aluminium extrusion driven table log loading system

Aluminium extrusion driven table log loading system

Driven log storage and feeding for pushing zone.


This system is engineered to eliminate the sounds of logs rolling and crashing that occurs on the conventional angled log unscramble table, thus for the Turla system we have a friendly noise environment.


The loading system consists of a driven table for log storage, suitable for the correct feeding to pushing zone, and a pushing zone comprising a mechanical pusher. Table for log storage: The bench has been designed and built as a strong robust steel structure, which is horizontal and equipped with heavy duty chains. The table is perfectly horizontal so that the rolling of logs will not occur. Furthermore, the logs can be driven backwards in case alloy change. Pushing zone (Pusher): The system is entirely controlled via software in order to provide the best possible ramp up and down features as well as smoothness of operation in order to prevent shocks and to thus guarantee a longer lifetime of the system.