Aluminium extrusion die butt shear

Aluminium extrusion die butt shear

The die butt shear function is to shear off the butt which remained attached to the die after the latter has been used to produce.


The shear works horizontally through an hydraulic cylinder. The die is loaded on a tray sliding in and out the shear automatically. A dedicated hydraulic set powers the main cylinder which moves a high-resistance steel built knife. The latter runs on top of the die in order to shear off the butt and to transfer it to a tray located at the bottom, in front of the machine. The operator, once put the die on the tray, he presses two pushbutton in order to make the die tray slide into the machine. Then a safety fence is locked to allow shearing start. Included in the scope of supply are:

  • 1 E-Motor;
  • 1 Hydraulic pump;
  • 1 Oil tank filled up with oil;
  • Manual control of the cylinder;
  • Switch off valve and E-Stop;
  • Protection cage with safety interlocks to prevent injury;
  • User-friendly use and maintenance booklet;