Aluminium extrusion billet transveyor to press loader

Aluminium extrusion billet transveyor to press loader

The cradle type feeder serves the press loader, it moves the billet from the log saw or shear (or log heater when pre-cut billet production is run) to the press loading arm.


Turla can propose a customized design of billet transveyor according to the layout set up of the production plant.


The billet transveyor can also be supplied as an aerial manipulator version where the billet is moved vertically and transversally by an electric manipulator travelling on a steel structure. It has a crosswise running unit which moves along on two linear guides and is driven by an electric motor. When the movable unit reaches the end position, a pusher provided by the press manufacturer will move the billet from the Turla Billet transveyor to the press loader. This operation normally occurs longitudinally. At the end of this operation the unit will return to home position to wait for the next billet.