CROSS FLOW ageing oven

CROSS FLOW ageing oven

This oven is engineered to age profiles through indirect heating by means of air flow from the sides of the oven.


The air crosses the baskets from each side and then is heated up again. This process is obtained through special fans engineered by Turla to get the most suitable air flow speed through profiles.


The oven can be engineered to suit the customers need in regard to length. We have experience in ageing 32 meter long profiles. This oven, compared to any other longitudinal air flow oven provides an absolutely better temperature accuracy thanks to the limited distance the air must travel to heat the profiles.The illustration shows a cross module of the oven. The oven is made up of several of these modules, each one equipped with radiant tubes located in the ceiling, fans for air circulation and burners. The air is collected in the middle of the oven (blue arrows), then it gets heated (red arrows) and directed downwards into the side walls. Each module is provided with several calibrated openings. The Orange arrows show the cross flow through the profiles contained in baskets stacked in two rows of piles.Turla has been building these kind of ovens since 1990 with great success.